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Alpine + Fort Davis, TX: Favorite Things

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When we lived in Alberta, my favorite escape was to the mountains. We lived about 2 hours from the Canadian Rockies and owned a vintage camper that we loved. Escaping from the city was so relaxing and peaceful.

Moving to West Texas, I was really missing the mountains. But sure enough, Texas has it all! Although different looking mountains, my new favorite escape has become to Alpine and Fort Davis, TX. It's around 2.5 hours to get to the area from our house, so an easy weekend trip.

One of the many murals around Alpine, TX


Although my husband may beg to differ, hiking is the highlight of this area. You can find beautiful trails in both Alpine and Fort Davis.


Sul Ross State University: turn left at the end of Avenue B (SRSU Entrance 4).

The trailhead is at the far edge of the old Mountainside dormitory parking lot.

The most popular trail on this hill is to the "Desk". Apparently, in the 80's, a few students wanted a quiet place to study and carried this desk to the top! Holy!

It's a really interesting contrast to the natural mountain setting in the background. This is a relatively easy hike under 2 miles up and back. Our toddler was able to make it to the top with us, with some help along the way. During our most recent visit, I hiked to the top alone just in time for the sunrise - it was well worth the early wake up.

"The Desk" at the top of Hancock Hill in Alpine, TX

The view of SRSU campus and the City of Alpine from Hancock Hill

TX-118 N., Park Rd. 3 Fort Davis, TX 79734

When I moved to Texas, I purchased a Texas State Parks Pass which has been a great investment. Access to the Davis Mountains State Park is included with this pass, so we've been here a few times now.

Hiking with a toddler that can't decide if they want to walk or be carried can be a challenge. So far, we've been successful hiking the Headquarters Trail, Montezuma Quail Trail and the Old CCC Trail.

Views from the Montezuma Quail Trail (left) and Old CCC Trail (right)

One great feature of the Davis Mountains State Park is the paved road that can take you up top for a scenic outlook, for those who may not be able to hike (see below).

Scenic Overlook area off Skyline Drive at Davis Mountains State Park

Pavilion at Davis Mountains State Park



During our various trips to Alpine we've tried different accommodations each time.

So far we've stayed at:

1. Travelodge - wouldn't recommend. I found the room to feel stuffy and outdated, but they were pet friendly.

2. Antelope Lodge - this place was super cute. Rooms were uniquely rustic and also pet friendly. I liked having more space in this room vs. the hotel room and the little kitchenette area.

Inside and outside of the double bed unit we stayed in at the Antelope Lodge in Alpine, TX

3. Mountain View Guest House (via Airbnb)- was by far the most memorable stay. This guest house is situated on a beautiful farm property just outside of Alpine. Although the unit is on the smaller side, it was perfect for our family of three. I was impressed by the personal touches such as the river rock "guest book", fresh eggs and wine provided by our host. The farm animals were mesmerizing to our toddler, so we spent our time on the property outside watching them. The patio was lovely for this, and I also recommend taking a nice hot tub at sunrise.

Gorgeous backdrop at the Mountain View Guest House in Alpine, TX



To be honest, we're usually so busy with outdoor activities, we haven't had the chance to experience much of the local food in Alpine. One stop we always make though, is:

Alicia's Mexican Restaurant (does not have a webpage...)

708 E Gallego Ave, Alpine, TX 79830

The breakfast burritos are amazing! Although you can create your own, the two favorite burritos are called the Trash Can and the Heart Attack... maybe not the healthiest options, but these burritos are only $5 each and will keep you full all day.

Heart Attack burrito from Alicia's Mexican Restaurant in Alpine TX

The "To Eat" section will be a work in progress and updated as we can!


Also check out the Alpine Texas site for official information!


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