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Comfort, TX: Weekend of Sun + Spirits

While visiting Boerne in May, we ended up at Singing Water Vineyards. Along our drive there, we went through Comfort where I spotted a distillery, some cute shops and took mental note that we should come back!

Comfort is the perfect name for this quaint community of only a few thousand people. This is exactly my speed- few people with lots to do.

During our stay we seemed to do it all: Friday river float + distillery, Saturday golf + wine, Sunday great coffee + then home.

See below for more details on our fun filled weekend!


118 River Bend Road, Comfort, TX 78013

The Guadalupe River is shallow in the section accessible from the James Kiehl River Bend Park parking lot

This park is a hidden gem with 25 acres of natural area. We stuck close to the river access area near the parking lot. There are also 1.5 miles of walking trails to check out. The river area was fairly rocky and uneven with tree roots near the edges, so be sure to bring a towel/mat or chair to sit on! I also got bit by a few fire ants while we were there, so beware...

716 FM 289 Comfort, TX 78013

Joshua Springs Park & Preserve at sunrise

This park was more extensive than James Kiehl in terms of trails, but I didn't see any areas for a swim if that's what you're looking for.

Each morning I drove to the park and went for a morning run. The trail system is interesting (and somewhat confusing - but I have a bad sense of direction) winding up and down in the hills. It's a beautiful area of over 400 acres. This area felt 'wild' along the trails and I was on high alert for animals.

Some of the wildlife I saw at Joshua Springs Park & Preserve...

Both days I came across many whitetail deer along the trails. The first day, I also came across a coral snake, which I later found out was very poisonous. So be mindful of the native park residents! I learned that if the red stripes touch the yellow, it can "kill a fellow" is the saying...ugh. If you want to learn some more about coral snakes, check out this Texas Hill Country article, it is interesting and terrifying haha.


36 FM 473 Comfort, TX 78013

Per usual, we played a round of golf at The Buckhorn golf course right in Comfort. It was moderately priced at $51 pp, which included the cart fee.

The things I liked the most about the course were: the elevation changes - which led to some interesting approach shots and the friendly locals. We were paired with the nicest couple who lives in Boerne. Our daughter quickly took to them and ended up riding in their cart for most of the back 9.

What I liked least were the power lines that ran over head on many of the holes. There was once instance that you could hear loud humming from the power surging through, which was a little scary - but not as scary as running into a coral snake! ha

Similar to many of the courses in Hill Country, your ball is never on a flat plane, so it can be a little tricky that way!

The Buckhorn Golf Course in Comfort, TX: A and her new friends


723 Front Street Comfort, TX 78013

Before our visit, I had watched a video on YouTube about the Hill Country Distillers, a family owned and operated distillery right in Comfort, that make spirits out of prickly pear cactus. I thought this was an extremely fascinating concept and was dying to visit.

A is ready for our visit and inside the facility at the Hill Country Distillers in Comfort, TX

We arrived at around 6:30 on Friday and there were people around both sides of the bar. We weren't really greeted when we walked in and felt a little awkward. After one of the groups left, we decided to order a drink. To our disappointment, tastings weren't being offered.

I tried the Lemon Drop which used both their Cactus spirits and the Lemon Dulce (lemon infused Cactus spirits) - it was really refreshing and the spirits tasted like a mild tequila. We also tried the gin and tonic, and found the gin 'spirits' to be very earthy. It's definitely a different taste to be tried! I'd love to go back to have the full tour and official tasting to really appreciate their craft.

24 Wasp Creek Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

I can't say enough about Saint Tryphon. Secluded in their own little slice of paradise, the winery is set in the hills of Boerne about 25 minutes from Comfort. We had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor, Silouan Bradford. His passion for not only wine making, but the entire process of producing, marketing and storytelling of wine was apparent.

I was particularly struck by the attention to detail in the artwork they had on site. They commissioned an artist out of California to create the painting that hangs in their tasting room. The mix of rustic and elegant styles was really a beautiful setting to taste wine in.

The gorgeous tasting room at Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards in Boerne, TX


We had some really good food and some bad while in Comfort, so I'll focus on the good...

523 Eighth Street Comfort, Texas 78013

Comfort Coffee Co. has a simple premise - coffee, a few breakfast sandwiches and a few pastries. Nestled inside the 8th Street Market, this coffee bar is all you need.

I'm a black coffee and egg sandwich type of girl, so this place was perfect. In fact, we went there both days. They serve Merit brand coffee, which was excellent as a drip coffee. Although the service was not quick, the market inside is filled with antiques and trinkets to keep you busy while they are preparing it.

Scenes from the Comfort Coffee Co. in Comfort, TX

802 High Street Comfort, TX

When we spoke to locals about food in Comfort, Comfort Pizza was always part of the conversation. Mesquite wood fired pizza are their specialty, for which you will wait hours for...seriously.

We tried to order a pizza on Friday night at 3:30 PM and were told that the soonest we could get a pizza would be by 7:00 PM. We learned our lesson and called even more in advance on Saturday at 1:30...the earliest pizza was 6:45! We took it, and ordered the California club with chicken, bacon and avocado.

This must have been the 'greenest' pizza I've ever seen, and so good. The crust is made from a wild sourdough yeast that was both crunchy and just slightly doughy. I would recommend a try! They also have a nice outdoor sitting area and serve Blue Bell ice cream!

Excited to have hands on our very own Comfort Pizza in Comfort, TX

Overall, Comfort is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing, family friendly weekend. We met so many lovely people during our stay, making their motto "I found Texas" oh so true.

For the official tourism site, go to the Comfort Chamber of Commerce.


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