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Lajitas, TX: Blackjacks Crossing + A Bit of Big Bend

21701 FM 170 Lajitas, Texas 79852

***Updated September 2021

A round at Black Jack's Crossing at Lajitas Golf Resort was one of the most expensive I've ever paid for, but it was worth every penny. In fact, we've been there three times now.

The first trip was in February 2020. It was a cooler day and the grass was mostly dormant. Despite the dullness of the grass, the course was still incredibly beautiful.

Black Jack's Crossing Golf Course in February 2020

Every hole on this course is scenic - like EVERY hole. When we revisited this in July 2020, we were amazed at the condition of the course compared to what we saw in the Winter. The course was immaculate. The grass was lush and green, which was impressive given how much sun the course gets down south!

Views from the course at Black Jack's Crossing at the Lajitas Golf Resort in July 2020

In addition to the pristine course, the driving range was also stunning with breathtaking backdrops.

Driving range at Black Jack's Crossing at the Lajitas Golf Resort July 2020

On our latest visit (September 2021), the course was under a bit of construction, but did not affect play very much. The driving range was also closed and they only had hitting nets and the putting green available for warm up.

On the course, it was the sand traps that were under construction; the lining and drainage were installed, but the sand was not replaced yet, so a ball in the "sand" became an automatic drop back onto the grass. I honestly was fine with that (who wouldn't be, right!?). They had piles of the new sand off to the side, which was a pristine white - which will be stunning against the rocky background when complete.

Based on our three trips now, I'd say the prime time to see this course might be July-August.

Views from Blackjack's Crossing at Lajitas Golf Resort September 2021

ACCOMMODATIONS: Lajitas Golf Resort

In February 2020 and for our latest trip September 2021, we stayed right at the resort in a Standard Queen Room. The accommodations were motel style that opened to a common courtyard area. The rooms were a little dated, but very clean and pet friendly.

Outside and inside the standard rooms at the Lajitas Golf Resort

Since it was a bit colder during our February 2020 visit, we didn't get the chance to use the pool, so we were happy to use it this trip in September 2021. It was quiet both days that we stopped by and I loved that there were several shallow entrance areas to the pool, since my little one is just learning. The water was very warm, so I actually went in!

Enjoying the pool at Lajitas Golf Resort all by ourselves - September 2021

This last trip (September 2021) was the first time we had the chance to dine on site at the Candelilla Cafe. From our experience, the service was extremely friendly, but slow. We waited about 20 minutes for the first glass of wine and an hour for our food - being the only guests there at 8 PM. But the views made up for the wait.

I'm sad to say the food was not great (for the price point). My pork chop came out charred and hard as a hockey puck, but the ribeye and kid's mac and cheese were good - so it was hit or miss for us.

The stunning views at sunset outside the Candelilla Cafe at Lajitas Golf Resort

Next stay, I'd like to try some of the other activities they offer at the Resort, such as zip lining, paddle boarding, and skeet shooting!


Length: 0.5 miles, roundtrip

During our visit in February, we made took a detour into Big Bend National Park. We were so close to it, being in Lajitas, it seemed like a sin not driving in...

Keeping in mind our short time frame and needing a toddler friendly hike, we ended up at the Hot Springs. I wouldn't really consider this a 'hike', as it was a very groomed trail to the Hot Springs that was 1/2 mile roundtrip.

But the reward is pretty amazing. The Hot Spring was really interesting- the one edge actually touches the Rio Grande. The website says that the water from the hot springs is at 105 F.

But be prepared for a crowd. Because of it's ease and beauty, this spot is usually pretty busy.

In between the Hot Springs and the Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park

Length: 1.4 miles, roundtrip

This was meant to be a quick, easy hike for the family to do on our way to Lajitas. Unfortunately for us, the canyon was infested with wasps, shortly into the canyon. We were able to enjoy the beauty of the canyon briefly and snap a few photos, but the wasps inside were fierce. I'm not sure if this is a continual problem, but be aware of our experience!

The trail leading to Closed Canyon and inside at Big Bend Ranch State Park

You can't go wrong with either the National or State Park in Big Bend - if possible, plan for more time on your trip to check these out. I always feel like we had so much more to see when we leave...


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