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Midland, TX : Where to Eat - Food Recommendations (So Far!)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Since we are new to the Permian and don't eat out often, this list will be evolving over time.

Additionally, most of the food was ordered to go due to the current COVID-19 situation...



3109 Garden City Hwy, Midland, TX 79701

We ordered to go and paid by pound for the meat. The ribs were my favorite and I found the brisket to be overpoweringly smoky. They had a complimentary 'bean bar' with various pickles, beans, peppers and several barbecue sauces to take away.

meat selection

Meat from KD's BBQ : Ribs were my favorite. Note: the sides and beer were not from KD's.

Once COVID-19 passes, I'd really like to dine in next time.

The decor was really eclectic/rustic and I'd like to try their dessert!



Down South Seafood (Food Truck)

In Midland, there are a few cajun/seafood food trucks; Down South Seafood is my favorite.

In addition to crawfish, shrimp, and boudin, they often have specialty seafood items.

We've gotten blue crab and giant shrimp from them when it's been available.

Most times, you can choose to buy live or cooked, so you can choose if you want to get your boil pot out, or not that day!

In Midland, they usually set up in front of Havertys Furniture in the parking lot on the weekend.

They also serve Greenwood and the surrounding areas.

Follow the on Facebook for his location, schedule and availability.

Before and after shots of blue crab purchased from Down South Seafood: Midland, TX

More seafood from Down South Seafood.

Note: Louisiana Fish Fry products are a must when doing your own!. Thank you to my cousin in Louisiana for guiding me in the right direction for our first boil!



Martinez Bakery (no website or Facebook page!)

206 E Florida Ave, Midland, TX 79701

As mentioned, I'm slowly learning about Mexican Food...

Martinez Bakery is a small, family owned bakery in Midland. I stopped by after my coworkers told me about their tortas (a food I hadn't had yet tried at that point...). These Mexican sandwiches were hearty and inexpensive!

The smell inside the bakery is something you have to experience! In addition to tortas and tacos, they have a variety of Mexican pastries. Again, another trip is in line for those!

We ordered a variety of tortas including: chicken, ham and brisket. The ham was my favorite and we certainly ordered more than we needed. The serving size is quite generous!

They also had lengua tortas... which I wasn't ready for quite yet. If you don't know what lengua's cow tongue...



1401 N Loop 250 W, Midland, TX 79703

4400 N Big Spring St STE 53, Midland, TX 79705

In our house, sushi orders always involve sashimi and a few fancy rolls.

I'd have to say that both Volcano and Hayashi have been equally good. I've been impressed with the quality and freshness of their sashimi, and both have a good selection of rolls.

Assortment of sushi and sashimi from Volcano, Midland



3303 N Midkiff Rd Suite 183, Midland, TX 79705

I'm more of a savory than a sweet person, but I can't say enough about Amara Gelato!

They have a wide selection of different gelatos, which they allow you to mix and match, even in the smallest (kid size) serving.

The shop is fairly small with a few tables and a bench for seating. We opted to eat outside at one of their two tables.

I found it highly affordable - the kids size was only $3.50 and the largest serving was $5.95. This will be a reoccurring visit - so refreshing in the Texas heat!

1307 N Loop 250 W Ste 8A Midland, TX 79706

Fountainville is a West Texas treat; house made ice cream in flavors that pay homage to the community, such as: black gold and caliche. In addition to the ice cream, they also make homemade fudge.

Enjoying homemade ice cream from Fountainville in flavors black gold and hummingbird.



3415 N Loop 250 W #305, Midland, TX 79707

3303 W Golf Course Rd, Midland, TX 79703

Midland has some local 'spirit' options. Texas Sun Winery is a local winery that sources grapes and then makes their wine on site. They have a huge selection, over 50 kinds of wine - white, red and sparkling. They also offer delicious charcuterie boards on their bistro menu, in addition to sandwiches, salads and desserts.

'Lounging on the Patio' charcuterie board and wine from Texas Sun Winery

Tall City Brewing is another local gem to check out. They are very family friendly and allow dogs in their outdoor seating area. They have a nice variety of beer to try - over time, their selection has certainly grown. Food is not available directly from the brewery, but most days they have different food trucks on site. They also allow you to BYOF - bring your own food!

Tasting flight from Tall City Brewing




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