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Truck Tent Review : Napier Outdoors - Backroadz Camo

Napier Outdoors

$249.99 USD

When we moved to Texas, our camper sadly did not. I may have mentioned this before, but camping is one thing I've really missed being here. Although we've done some "glamping", we hadn't done any sort of camping yet in Texas.

To be honest, the last time I "tented" was about 10 years ago... so when Napier Outdoors approached with a tent collaboration, I was hesitant. But after doing a practice assembly and then an overnight trip with it, I realized the truck tent is a great option if you want to camp, but don't have a trailer. Napier Outdoors specializes in vehicle camping tents not only for trucks, but SUV's and vehicle rooftops, too - again, making camping accessible for many.

We tested the Backoadz Camo and I was amazed at how easy setup was. The tent consists of 2 main parts - the tent itself and the tent poles (4 in total), that's it. To setup, all you need to do is lay the tent out on the truck bed and strap down the 2 sides underneath the truck bed (loosely). Once in place, unfold tent poles to extend full length and insert into the corresponding colored sleeve. The ends of each pole rest in a reinforced pocket. Once all the poles are up, secure clips along the sides of the tent to them and tighten the side straps - then you're done!

For our test run, setup took about 10 minutes, reading through directions and getting acquainted with the parts. By the 2nd time, we were able to setup under 5 minutes! Packing only took about 5 minutes, too.

In short, I loved the ease of use with this tent. Set up and tear down were simple; the tent looked great and fit our F-150 perfectly. I also appreciated that it fit back into the bag without a struggle...the little things.

I will note that we did not set up the rainfly, so I'm not sure how much time that would add, but I can't see it taking long. Additionally, we had the opportunity to travel as a couple (grandparents were in town!), so our comfort level may have been different as a party of 3...but for 2 adults, we had plenty of room. The 5 feet of headroom made it feel quite spacious. And the last point is that we, as in 2 of us, set it up - securing the poles could be a little more difficult alone.

Napier Outdoors is available to y'all in North America, Europe and Australia if you're up for an adventure! They partner with Trees for a Future, planting 1 tree for every Backroadz tent purchased; I love to see companies that give back! I'm so glad that this opportunity came my way - it really restored my interest in tent camping again!

For bonus material - check out my Instagram reel @living.for.three featuring a video on the tent setup in fast motion!


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