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Bangor, ME : The Aviator Hotel

Have you ever taken a flight that arrived so late, you just want to stay put to get some rest?

Yes, there are many "airport hotels", but the Bangor Aviator Hotel, part of the Best Western Premier Collection, is literally steps away from the Bangor International Airport in Maine.

This catwalk takes you right from the Bangor International Airport terminal to the Bangor Aviator Hotel

We flew into Bangor Labor Day weekend, en route to New Brunswick to visit the in laws. Flying from West Texas to Maine involved 3 flights - our last one arriving at 11:30 PM. By the time we got our luggage, it was midnight. Exhausted from the day, it was so wonderful to just walk upstairs, across the catwalk, right into the hotel.

Outside the Bangor Aviator Hotel and the Bangor International Airport

The hotel itself is nothing special. A little older, with average sized rooms. Our room overlooked the runway, which was fun to watch planes take off and land.

Views inside and outside the room at the Bangor Aviator Hotel

In terms of amenities, again, very basic; the hotel has a small fitness center and a pool inside, both of which were very quiet during our stay.

Fitness enter + pool at Bangor Aviator Hotel

Other than location, another highlight of the hotel was the breakfast. The Tailwinds Grille has a nice selection of traditional breakfast items. The omelettes in particular were the crowd favorite, and the service, although a little slow, was incredibly friendly.

Breakfast at the Tailwinds Grille, located inside the Bangor Aviator Hotel

You cannot beat the convenience of the Bangor Aviator Hotel, especially if you have very early flights to catch, or if you arrive late and need to rest up. The hotel is scheduled for some renovations at the end of the year, incorporating the aviation theme throughout, so I cannot wait to see how this little gem shines up!

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