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Frisco, TX: Wellness Weekend at the Hyatt Regency, AT&T Byron Nelson PGA Event + Dining at the Star

Loved the styling at the Hyatt Regency Frisco, which is also pet friendly!

A few months ago I started a new job, which I absolutely love, but it certainly has left me less free time.

As a result, my blog is lagging...a lot; our last big trip was two weeks ago to the Frisco area. We had the

pleasure of staying at the Hyatt Regency Frisco Dallas, which gave me similar vibes as our recent stay at the Westin Galleria, being connected to a mall; the Hyatt is connected to the Stonebriar Center Mall. Sadly enough, we didn’t even take advantage of this amenity on our trip. We aren’t big shoppers and had a full schedule planned. I'd say we more focused on wellness filled weekend.

Views from the Regency Suite at the Hyatt Frisco

Regardless of missing the mall, the Hyatt was one of my favorite hotel stays to date – the rooms were

beautiful and spacious. We were in the Regency Suite, which had a great kitchen/living room area, separate

bedroom and bathroom. To be honest, we weren’t in the room much... the weather was perfect during

our stay and we spent hours at the pool both days. The pool is located on the 4th floor, and although it's not on the top floor, it has a cool ‘rooftop’ feel. I loved the shallow sitting areas and cabanas for shade. The other selling point is the pool bar, which offers a great cocktail menu and option to order food from the kitchen.

Our favorite part of the hotel, the pool

The fitness center is also on the 4th floor, looking out to the pool area. Equipped with updated cardio equipment, a variety of free weights, machines, even some kettlebells and battle ropes - the amenities are on point.

I was also surprised to see the lobby so alive at night. The Copper & Steel Table, the hotel restaurant on site, has an extensive drink menu and some great food options after 4 PM. They also have a breakfast buffet on the weekends; if you're in a hurry, you can pick up something quick from the grab and go market. Our favorite was being able to sit with our dog in the lobby for a cocktail! They are so pet friendly, my only complaint is that the bathroom area was minimal…the staff directed us to the landscaped area around the entrance, which I felt bad about letting my dog trample in, but that may be the naturalist in me, not wanting any plants to be ruined...haha

Enjoying the pet friendly amenities at the Hyatt Regency Fisco + the AT&T Byron Nelson in McKinney

We stayed in Frisco the weekend of the AT&T Byron Nelson; we hadn’t been to a PGA event since

maybe 2014 – pre child era. It was a hot day over 100F when we went, so walking around a golf course with a

toddler was fairly taxing and challenging. Luckily we brought a stroller, so she had some shade in there...but

otherwise, we were mostly in full sunlight. The food/beverage lines were long – at least 15-20

minute wait every time. We lucked out getting into the Citi lounge with our credit card and caught some air

conditioning for about an hour. Overall, we had an amazing time at the event. I had never gotten

close to so many players before. We followed Speith, Johnson, Matsyuama – so fun to see how tall they

actually are in person (at least I thought so!). The tournament itself was exciting with several players in the running for the win; so exciting, that we actually listened to it on the drive home that Sunday.

Checking out The Star in Frisco

Other than the tournament, all we really did was eat. (per usual). Both nights we ventured to The Star,

which is a beautiful shopping complex located within the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and practice facility. A pretty neat place to check out if you're a Cowboys fan.

Oysters from Dee Lincoln Prine + the Yellowtail Heaven appetizer from Sushi Marquee

The first night we ate at Dee Lincoln Prime. The atmosphere was pretty mediocre where we were seated– we ended up seated in a backroom of the restaurant, which felt secluded and dark. Other than that, the food was amazing. We tried a nigiri combo plate, escargot, oysters and the prime sushi roll – a full on seafood meal. The service and food was amazing; our glasses were always tended to.

The next night, we ate just a block down from Dee Lincoln Prime at Sushi Marquee. It was a moderately priced sushi restaurant, and again we were stunned by the service. The restaurant was pretty cold inside, noticing that our daughter was chilled, our server brought a complimentary bowl of soup to warm her up. Food here was great, our favorite was the yellowtail heaven: yellowtail tuna thinly sliced with jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, sriracha and ponzu sauce. I’d certainly return to both restaurants, but for the

price point, I’d pick a very special occasion for Dee Lincoln Prime and ask to be in the front restaurant for

a more elegant ambiance.

Enjoying the yoga at the Hyatt Regency frisco, part of their wellness series

We rounded out the weekend at the Hyatt, attending the last session of their new wellness series, which

featured a yoga session and mimosa bar. The yoga ran about 45 minutes, which was perfect; I hadn’t

done yoga in a few years and found it to be the perfect intensity. We started at 10 AM, and by the end of it, the sun was beating down pretty hard. The mimosas were the perfect way to end it.

Frisco has such a great feel; I highly recommend it for a vacation or a staycation! In addition to the mall, an attraction called KidZania is steps from the hotel. We hadn’t heard of it, but a family at the pool told us they were visiting just for it; a giant pretend city where kids can role play different professions. Next time we would certainly take advantage of the location to experience this, the shopping, and of course, we’d be back at the pool! Big thank you to Sam, Jenaca, and the Hyatt staff for such an amazing stay.


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