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Prolon 5 Day Program: Review

A few weeks ago I was approached by Prolon, a company focused on longevity nutrition. They asked if I wanted to try their “5 Day Fast”. I considered myself in good health and “normal” weight, so I didn’t think a fast seemed appropriate, so I let it pass.

Fast forward a few weeks later. Although I'm really good about consistent exercise, I tend to let myself free range on food. Again, I generally make good choices when it comes to food, but there is one point in the day I tend to deviate - the evening. I love having a big glass of wine and something salty to snack on to unwind. The 1 glass a night turned into 2, the snacks were getting bigger, and I was feeling bloated in the mornings.

The opportunity to try Prolon popped up again, and this time, I looked into it. Long story short, I went to grad school for wellness / nutrition and was familiar with caloric restriction and longevity studies. I was impressed to see that this 5 day system had been scientifically backed by research at 18 university centers, including Stanford. This happened over 2 decades with $48MM invested in the science. Feeling guilty about my current habits, I figured I’d give it a try – not to lose weight, but to re-frame my thinking about food. I also was encouraged by the cellular benefits.

Here’s how it went:

*Note: everything you need for the 5 days is provided. Your regimen consists of soups, nut bars, crackers, olives, supplements, a glycerol drink mix and herbal teas. That’s it. All you need is access to hot water, which makes it easy (logistically).

Day 1 : By far the easiest. I was coming off a weekend of indulgence; I woke up still full and had no issue following the plan for the day. Everything went easily.

Day 2: The reduced calorie intake and no alcohol set in. Actually had moments of hunger, but spaced out the nut bars so I could enjoy them throughout the day. This helped a lot. Not too bad.

Day 3: THE WORST. Woke up with a headache and my eyes burned. The morning was the hardest. Day 3 is the lowest the calories dip in the program, with Day 5 also being the same. There was a moment when my husband was cooking dinner that night - all I wanted was to eat a noodle. But then I reminded myself how far I had come. I went to bed hungry and had a difficult time sleeping. I woke up in the night thinking about how good 1 scoop of cookie dough ice cream would taste, but again told myself to tough it out.

Day 4: The calories come back up slightly from Day 3, so it makes it easier mentally to get through. I felt surprisingly good throughout the whole day and the feelings of hunger were minimized. I didn’t feel that hungry and by evening I still had a full L-bar for a snack after “dinner”.

Day 5: You know you’re in the homestretch, so I think that’s what powers you through. I finished my program on a Friday, so the hardest part was not caving in that evening to a glass of wine to celebrate making it through and the end of the work week.

In summary:

I think this is a great tool for those who want a quick reset. You have all the tools you need and a roadmap. The meal plan shows you what you have each day, with a rough suggestion of what to eat when. I used that and would plan out my own schedule. It was easiest to not eat anything until lunchtime and go from there, in my experience.

*DISCLAIMER: Definitely talk to your doctor if you have any health concerns. Although not a true fast, the calories dip down to about 600-700 calories a day. They also suggest you don’t do any hard labor or exercise during this time.

Unfortunately, I started on a week where the live coaching sessions weren’t being offered, but I’d imagine it would be a great resource. I did join the “FASTINATION” Facebook Group and that was super helpful.

After the 5 days, I did lose a few pounds, as expected. I could feel that some of my fluffy areas had gone down and my clothes seemed to fit a bit better. The most telling result though, was my mindfulness. On Day 6 (1 day out from completion) I woke up, expecting to run right to the kitchen for my “first meal back”. Funny enough, I didn’t feel overly hungry. My first meal was an avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and balsamic reduction. The flavors were out of this world. Your sense of taste is completely shifted.

I’m writing this 5 days out from completion. Although my appetite has come back a bit, I’ve

continued to be more mindful of my food choices and feelings of hunger. I feel refreshed and

strong. I’m so happy I took this opportunity and encourage you to research it if you feel it might

help you on your own health journey!


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