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Watermelon Wilderness Cocktail

A friend of mine is a consultant at Scout & Cellar, and today she had posted about the company, as it is their 4th anniversary. It was also National Watermelon Day this week. All of these random thoughts were in my mind as I was trying to create a refreshing cocktail.

My daughter had a birthday party this past weekend, so I figured I'd use the leftover watermelon and the Wilderness Road Mixable to make a light and tasty cocktail. If you haven't heard of the Wilderness Road line, they market it as the "World's First Mixable". The original flavor that I have is 19.5% ABV. Scout & Cellar describes this mixable as:

"...created by combining a fermented Clean-Crafted™ white and rosé wines with a distilled neutral Clean-Crafted grape wine. The result yields a higher alcohol content than traditional table wines but evokes a clean, fresh, neutral flavor perfect for mixing!"

I've had this in my liquor cabinet for a while and finally decided to test it out. This recipe would likely work with other liquor if you want it a little stronger, but you may need to adjust the ratios of ingredients to taste.

Watermelon Wilderness Cocktail

INGREDIENTS (5+): makes 2 glasses

wilderness road mixable (3 oz or 2 parts)

triple sec (1.5 oz or 1 part)

lemon juice (1.5 oz or 1 part)

watermelon juice (1.5 oz or 1 part)

agave or simple syrup (1.5 oz or 1 part)

watermelon balls, lemon slices (optional for garnish!)


Juice fresh lemon and watermelon.

I squeezed the watermelon in a strainer to eliminate chunks.

Add ice to a shaker.

Carefully add all ingredients and shake.

Garnish with lemon and watermelon, if desired!



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