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Sloe Gin Sour

This cocktail is extra special because it uses a sloe gin and aquafaba.

Until about a month ago, I had no idea what either were...

In case you‘re in the same boat, I’ll enlighten you!

  • sloe gin- is a gin infused with sloe berries (which are actually a relative of the plum) and give it the beautiful red colour - it also has a slightly sweeter taste than a traditional gin from the berries

  • aquafaba- is the term for the the viscous liquid legume seeds have been cooked in - so that slimey liquid inside canned beans

The citrus is really refreshing but if it’s too strong, you can play with the ratio of the lemon / orange juice, as well as the simple syrup.

The aquafaba is also not necessary- more for style points :)



sloe gin (2 oz)

simple syrup (3/4 oz)

blood orange / orange juice (1/2 oz)

lemon juice (1/4 oz)

orange bitters (4 dashes)

aquafaba (2 tbsp or optional)

-Fill cocktail shaker with ice

-Add all ingredients to the shaker and mix well to chill contents



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