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Tangy Clementine Fig Wings

Apparently whenever we decide to watch football, I start craving chicken wings...

Today we are watching the NFL Playoffs, so I thought I would try another chicken wing recipe on the Traeger. Originally, I had wanted to make a lemon fig sauce, but I forgot both lemons and figs when I went to the grocery store...epic fail. So I improvised and used clementines (to stick with the citrus) and a fig preserve we had on hand.

To be honest, I think this was meant to be. The orange flavor was really refreshing! Here's the recipe:

Tangy clementine fig chicken wings using local seasoning from Texas Oil Dust


Protein: chicken

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30-40 minutes


chicken wings (2 lbs)

cooking oil (2 tbsp)

salt + pepper, or seasoning of choice (to taste)


fig preserves (1/2 c)

brown sugar (2 tbsp)

white wine vinegar (2 tbsp)

orange juice (2 tbsp)

garlic, minced (2 tbsp)

clementines (3-4) to get clementine peel, grated (2 + 1 tbsp) and for garnish


-Turn on oven or grill to 375F and let it preheat.

-Salt and pepper/season chicken wings and place in a large freezer bag.

(I used the Texas Oil Dust All Purpose Seasoning, which is a local business!)

-Add cooking oil to the bag and shake to coat the chicken wings evenly.

-Once the oven/grill is to temp, put chicken wings on to cook for ~15-20 minutes.

(The chicken wings I used this time were fairly large, so I cooked them for 20 minutes before flipping.)

-While chicken is cooking, add the preserves, brown sugar, white wine vinegar, orange juice, garlic and 2 tbsp of the grated clementine peel to a small saucepan.

-Cook the mixture on low-medium heat to dissolve the preserves and stir well to make a smooth sauce.

(This should only take a few minutes.)

-After 15-20 minutes of initial cooking, brush the completed sauce on the chicken wings, flip, and cook another 15-20 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 165F.

-Use the remaining clementine peel garnish on top.

-Dig in!


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